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filmmakers selected for 39th CineMart

51st International Film Festival Rotterdam

26 January – 6 February 2022

Rotterdam, 16 December 2021

IFFR announces full selection for 39th CineMart

28 projects in development selected for IFFR’s co-production market

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) announces its selection of 28 film projects for the 39th edition of CineMart, the festival’s co-production market which will take place online from 30 January to 2 February 2022. The lineup of projects in development features romance, dark comedy, adventure and incisive human and social stories from countries including Brazil, Croatia, Japan and South Africa. Five Immersive projects are selected along with seven projects that conclude their BoostNL trajectory which began at the Netherlands Film Festival in September.

Head of IFFR Pro, Marit van den Elshout: “We are proud to present this very diverse selection of projects, showcasing new and familiar talent across an array of genres and cinematic styles. Although we would rather be together in Rotterdam, we have the expertise and experience to offer these projects meaningful exposure and connections to our international community in a safe and responsible way.”

CineMart manager Inke Van Loocke: “The current circumstances under which filmmakers and producers must finance and promote their works warrant a strong platform that can easily adapt and nurture essential and spirited connections. With the backing of CineMart, the selected projects will be ready to take the next steps in their development.”

CineMart selection

Croatian director Judita Gamulin brings Leave the Door Open to CineMart, a take on human relations set entirely inside a popular international furniture store, which she is also developing as part of the Residence of the Cinéfondation at Cannes. Rotterdam-familiar Japanese director Fukada Koji is selected with his latest project Love on Trial which examines the meeting of Japanese idol culture with the judicial system. His history in Rotterdam began with Hospitalité which screened at IFFR 2011, after winning the Jury Prize in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes. 

Several titles in the selection have previously been supported by IFFR’s Hubert Bals Fund (HBF). Renowned Brazilian actress Grace Passô brings her directorial debut Deaf Love 1500, a vivid ensemble film set in a decaying family home, after it was supported in the HBF spring development round. Georgian filmmaker Elene Naveriani was supported in the scheme’s autumn round with Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry, the story of a woman’s personal revolution in small town Georgia, which is also selected for CineMart. 

Brazilian director Madiano Marcheti’s debut Madalena screened in the Tiger Competition at IFFR 2021, and his follow up Mother of Gold will investigate the world of illegal gold prospecting in Brazil. Spanish-Chilean director Théo Court screened his previous film Blanco en blanco at IFFR 2020 – Chile’s submission to the 2022 Oscars – and is selected for his latest mystical take on Chilean society, Tres noches negras.

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With its partner organisations Festival du nouveau cinéma Montréal (FNC) and the Immersive Funding Market at VRDays Europe, IFFR handpicks the most exciting narrative VR projects in development for its IFFR Pro Immersive selection. Five projects make the selection for CineMart, including Duchampiana VR by German director Lilian Hess – a take on Marcel Duchamp’s Nu descendant un escalier that challenges representations of women in the media.


Seven BoostNL projects conclude their bespoke development programme that began at the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) earlier this year. The projects include HBF-supported works from Bolivia, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Thailand, and three projects from the Netherlands. Flat Girls by Thai director Jirassaya Wongsutin attends after it won the Camalot/Filmmore Emerging Cinema Award at NFF’s Holland Film Meeting. Kiro Russo, whose El gran movimento screens at IFFR 2022 and is Bolivia’s submission to the Oscars, brings Canciones perdidas de reinos distantes

IFFR Pro Days 2022

Due to renewed health and safety restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the Netherlands, CineMart will take place exclusively online. All 28 projects will be profiled in Spotlight presentations and representatives will have the chance to meet online with industry over the duration of the CineMart programme. 

The IFFR Pro Awards will be presented on 2 February 2022, including the Eurimages Co-production Development Award, the Filmmore Post-production Award, the ARTEKino International Prize and the Wouter Barendrecht Award. There is also a new award this edition for best Immersive project, the 4DR Studios Award – a collaboration with the Eindhoven-based 3D video production house. 

The training programme for emerging producers Rotterdam Lab also takes place exclusively online from 24 to 28 January. The full lineup and programme will be announced on 10 January.

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The Outside

CineMart 2022 complete selection

The Beautiful Normal, Flora Lau, Hong Kong

Black Dust, Kit Hui, United Kingdom

Blackbird Blackbird Blackberry, Elene Naveriani, Switzerland/Georgia/Germany

Carissa, Jason Jacobs, Devon Delmar, South Africa/Netherlands

Deaf Love 1500, Grace Passô , Brazil

Leave the Door Open, Judita Gamulin, Croatia

Life Ahead, Olivier Meys, Belgium/France

Love #NoFilter, Mikael Bundsen, Sweden

Love on Trial, Koji Fukada, Japan/France

Mother of Gold, Madiano Marcheti, Brazil

The Outside, Víctor Moreno, Spain

Prince Aden, Gianluca De Serio, Massimiliano De Serio, Italy

Solo tengo sed, Matt Porterfield, Mexico

Sorella di Clausura, Ivana Mladenovic, Serbia/Romania

Tres noches negras, Théo Court, Chile/Spain

The Yellow Dot, David Tancred Lammers, Netherlands


Alternates (Bergantian), Jonathan Hagard, Indonesia/Japan/Germany

Confident, Jérôme Blanquet, Bertrand Jeandel, France

Duchampiana VR, Lilian Hess, France/Germany

Echo Blast, Natalia Cabrera, Chile

Future Rites, Sandra Rodriguez, Alexander Whitley, Canada/UK


Becoming Dubois, Joost van Hezik, Netherlands

Canciones perdidas de reinos distantes, Kiro Russo, Bolivia/France

A Chronicle From Nagorno-Karabakh, Ibrahim Kataray, Netherlands

Flat Girls, Jirassaya Wongsutin, Thailand/Singapore

Nightsong, Maya Da-Rin, Brazil

The Right Answer, Mariia Ponomarova, Netherlands

A Winner is Seen At The Start, Zhannat Alshanova, Kazakhstan/France

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