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All filmmakers selected for the HBF Script and Project Development scheme and the NFF+HBF Co-production scheme

49th International Film Festival Rotterdam

22 January - 2 February 2020

Rotterdam, May 20th 2019

IFFR announces Hubert Bals Fund spring selection 2019

Twelve development grants worth €9,000 and two co-production grants worth €50,000

This spring, the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) of International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) has selected 12 projects by both upcoming talents and established filmmakers to receive €9,000 each for Script and Project Development. Additionally, two

co-productions have been selected for the NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme and receive €50,000 each from the Netherlands Film Fund.

Fay Breeman, HBF manager: “This year’s selection shows HBF’s strong commitment to supporting new talent. It’s great to see no less than four former Tiger Competition and Tiger Short Competition nominees and winners.”

Marit van den Elshout, head of IFFR Pro: “Once again we’ve had to carefully curate from a large pool of very strong applications. All of the selected projects offer something new and exciting and push the boundaries of cinema in form or content, whether they are debut features by new talents or new works by already acclaimed filmmakers. We look forward to seeing the end results.”

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Clockwise: Celosos Hombres Blancos, Cloud of the Unknown, Rapture, Figures in the Urban Landscape

HBF Bright Future

Two of the selected filmmakers receiving HBF Bright Future support have previously participated in IFFR’s main competitions. Paraguayan filmmaker Pablo Lamar received a special mention in the Tiger Competition of IFFR 2016 for his film

La última tierra, and will now receive support for his new feature Remanso. Chinese artist and animation filmmaker Gao Yuan had her short-film debut in the Tiger Shorts Competition with her film Lunar Dial at IFFR 2017, and is now supported for her first feature animation film Cloud of the Unknown.

Other supported films by filmmakers with an IFFR history are

Celosos hombres blancos by Argentinian filmmaker Ivan Granovsky (Los territorios, IFFR 2017), Agony of the Beasts by Iranian filmmaker Alireza Khatami

(Los versos del olvido, IFFR 2019), and Nowhere Near by Filipino filmmaker

Miko Revereza (No Data Plan, IFFR 2019; Disintegration 93-96, IFFR 2018). The producer of Revereza’s new film is Shireen Sheno, who won the NETPAC Award at IFFR 2018 for her film Nervous Translation.

Selected feature-film debuts are Excursion by Bosnian filmmaker Una Gunjak, Figures in the Urban Landscape by Russian filmmaker Ekaterina Selenkina, and

All We Imagine As Light by Indian filmmaker Payal Kapadia. Also selected for HBF Bright Future: Chinese filmmaker Sheng Qiu’s My Father’s Son and Indian filmmaker Dominic Sangma’s sophomore feature Rapture.

HBF Voices

Chocobar by Lucrecia Martel and Guria by Levan Koguashvili receive HBF Voices support. Many of Martel’s films have been supported by HBF in the past. Her film Zama was part of CineMart in 2013 and won the KNF Award at IFFR 2018, where the acclaimed Argentinian filmmaker also held a masterclass. The Georgian filmmaker Koguashvili has made several fiction and documentary features in the past. His film Street Days premiered in IFFR 2010’s Tiger Competition.

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Clockwise: Nowhere Near, Guria, Shanghai youth, Chocobar

NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme

The NFF+HBF Co-Production Scheme is a joint initiative by the Netherlands Film Fund (NFF) and the Hubert Bals Fund (HBF). Two grants of €50,000 are awarded to two projects with Dutch co-production partners. Both selected projects have received HBF development support in the past. Shanghai Youth by Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing was supported for Script and Development in 2014. Many of his other films were supported by HBF too, including his debut Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks. His most recent film, Mrs. Fang, screened at IFFR 2018.

The other NFF+HBF selection, Anatomy of Time by Thai filmmaker Jakrawal Nilthamrong, received HBF development support in 2017. Nilthamrong’s films too have frequently been supported by HBF. His latest film Vanishing Point won a

Tiger Award at IFFR 2015.

Script and Project Development: Bright Future

Agony of the Beasts, Alireza Khatami, Iran/Netherlands/France

All We Imagine As Light, Payal Kapadia, India/France

Celosos hombres blancos, Ivan Granovsky, Argentina

Cloud of the Unknown, Gao Yuan, China

Excursion, Una Gunjak, Bosnia and Herzogovina

Figures in the Urban Landscape, Ekaterina Selenkina, Russia

My Father’s Son, Sheng Qiu, China/France

Nowhere Near, Miko Revereza, Philippines

Rapture, Dominic Sangma, India/China

Remanso, Pablo Lamar, Paraguay/Brazil

Script and Project Development: Voices

Chocobar, Lucrecia Martel, Argentina/USA/Netherlands

Guria, Levan Koguashvili, Georgia

NFF+HBF Co-production Scheme

Anatomy of Time, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, Thailand/France/Netherlands/Germany (Dutch co-producer: Sluizer Film Productions)

Shanghai Youth, Wang Bing, France/Hong Kong/Luxemburg/Netherlands (Dutch co-producer: Volya Films)

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