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47th International Film Festival Rotterdam

24 January- 4 February 2018

Rotterdam, 7 December 2017

IFFR Live carries festival around the globe

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) announces fourth edition of IFFR Live

For the fourth time, IFFR goes planetwide with IFFR Live. Over three days, more than forty participating cinemas will screen several films from a line-up of six titles, creating many ancillary festivals around the world. Local audiences can join in the subsequent interactive talk shows through social media. The films will also be available for a limited time as Premium VOD on partnering VOD platforms so that truly anyone, wherever they are, can get a taste of the IFFR experience.

As of yet, three films have been confirmed. Deborah Haywood’s feature film debut Pin Cushion is an all-girl gothic fairy tale set in the British working-class suburbs, starring Joanna Scanlan and Lily Newmark. Marleen Jonkman’s La Holandesa, a road movie through Chile, will see its European premiere at IFFR and stars Rifka Lodeizen as a woman whose dream of becoming a mother goes unfulfilled. And Lisa Brühlmann’s award-winning feature debut Blue My Mind is about a 15-year-old girl who plunges into a wild teenage existence after moving to a new town – until her body begins to change in odd ways.

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This year, participating cinemas will screen not just one, but preferably four or more of the six IFFR Live titles, as deemed fitting within overall distribution strategies. In addition, IFFR is stimulating these venues to organise local programmes around the IFFR Live screenings, spawning many satellite IFFRs around the globe.

IFFR Live is one of IFFR’s many efforts to establish new international distribution models for independent cinema. In the same vein, IFFR 2018 is organising the two-day distribution conference Reality Check. Both these initiatives are co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. For the titles confirmed so far, IFFR Live collaborates with sales agents Be For Films, Visit Films and Stray Dogs, and with VOD-platforms Filmin, Festival Scope and UniversCiné.

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The fourth edition of IFFR Live takes place from Friday 26 January to Sunday 28 January and features the following films:

Friday 26 January 2018 – 17:00 CET: Pin Cushion

Attending IFFR Live: filmmaker Deborah Haywood and actresses Joanna Scanlan and Lily Newmark.

Friday 26 January 2018 – 21:00 CET: La Holandesa

Attending IFFR Live: filmmaker Marleen Jonkman and actress Rifka Lodeizen

Saturday 27 January 2018 – 16:00 CET: Title to be announced

Saturday 27 January 2018 – 20:00 CET: Blue My Mind

Attending IFFR Live: filmmaker Lisa Brühlmann and actresses Luna Wedler and Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen.

Sunday 28 January 2018 – 15:00 CET: Title to be announced

Sunday 28 January 2018 – 19:00 CET: Title to be announced

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