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Rotterdam, 16 November 2016

IFFR confirms first film titles of 46th edition

Gearing up for its 46th edition, International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is delighted to announce its first titles. This first selection, drawn from new talent and familiar names from all over the world, gives a hint of what once again promises to be a rich, diverse programme. For the second time, the festival programme will be presented in four sections, each with its own distinct character: Bright Future, Voices, Deep Focus and Perspectives.

IFFR stands for the celebration and support of independent film art from all over the world. Film art that broadens our view, provides context and stirs up the artistic and social status quo. With a great love of film and filmmakers, the festival will again present a varied programme of surprising, artistic, relevant cinema. The upcoming edition will once again show hundreds of carefully selected films by new talent and experienced makers. 

“This year, we will continue with the IFFR programme set up along contextual lines, with all films presented within one of the four sections. These four sections each tell their own story and have their own character, helping festival visitors and film professionals find their way to the festival experience that best suits them”, says festival director Bero Beyer. He continues: “The great thing is that these parameters allow us to constantly go a step further. A film like The Woman Who Left (Lav Diaz) best fits into the Deep Focus section, while the latest Jarmusch screens in Voices. The innovation and discoveries in Bright Future are reflected by the films competing in the Hivos Tiger Competition, but also in films such as The Levelling (Hope Dickson Leach). And the themed programming in Perspectives allows us to better express how a particular theme is being translated into cinema, and how we relate to this as a festival.” 

The four programme sections are: 


Bright Future presents young, up-and-coming talent with a unique style and vision, which enriches the cinematographic landscape with daring work. The filmmakers in this section are often making their debut on the international film stage. The festival’s flagship competition, the Hivos Tiger Competition, is part of Bright Future. This year, eight filmmakers will again compete for one Hivos Tiger Award, which comes with a cash prize of €40,000. In addition, there is a special jury award worth €10,000 for an exceptional artistic achievement within the competition. In 2017, the Bright Future Award will be presented for the second time to one of the filmmakers whose first feature film has its international premiere in this section. A cash prize of €10,000 is associated with this award. 

Titles confirmed in Bright Future: the European première of Elon Doesn’t Believe in Death (Ricardo Alves Jr., Brazil), All the Cities of the North (Dane Komljen, Serbia), The Levelling (Hope Dickson Leach, United Kingdom)

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From left to right: Elon Doesn't Believe in Death, All the Cities of the North and The Levelling.


For its Voices section, IFFR selects films characterised by their distinctive views of the world we live in, often told by experienced filmmakers with a confident voice. For the Limelight section, IFFR works with Dutch distributors to further support the release of a selection of approximately thirty films. Eight Voices films that have their international premieres during IFFR compete for the VPRO Big Screen Award, presented by an expert audience jury. The winning film will be released in Dutch cinemas, picked up by broadcaster VPRO and shown on the NPO 2 channel. In addition, the award carries a cash prize for the filmmaker worth a total of €30,000. 

Confirmed titles in Voices: the European première of the documentary Fake (Tatsuya Mori, Japan), Jackie (Pablo Larraín, United Kingdom), Paterson (Jim Jarmusch, USA), Gimme Danger (Jim Jarmusch, USA).

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From left to right: Fake, Jackie, Paterson and Gimme Danger


This section focuses in on cinema itself, in all its diversity, through retrospectives, masterclasses, compilation programmes and a whole range of other forms of cinematic experience. Deep Focus is a space for the in-depth celebration of film art across the broadest possible spectrum. One element of Deep Focus is Regained, in which historical works – such as rediscovered classics – can receive individual attention and context. 

Confirmed Deep Focus titles: the international première of Belle dormant (Adolfo Arrieta, Spain/France), Der traumhafte Weg (Angela Schanelec, Germany), The Woman Who Left (Lav Diaz, the Philippines).

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From left to right: Belle dormant, Der traumhafte Weg and The Woman Who Left.


Unlike last year, the thematic programmes for 2017 have been brought together into a single section. Perspectives offers space to films tackling relevant social and political themes or exploring the boundaries between visual art, music and other forms of media.For info on all announced film titles, see: IFFR.com.

IFFR will shortly be announcing its themed programme.More film titles will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Festival director Bero Beyer is available for interviews.

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