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46th International Film Festival Rotterdam

25 January - 5 February 2017

Rotterdam, 29 November 2016

Welcome to Planet IFFR!

The campaign for the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2017 is ‘Welcome to Planet IFFR’. It is the ninth time Rotterdam-based design agency 75B has created the campaign for IFFR.

For forty-five years already, International Film Festival Rotterdam has been made up of many different elements: filmmakers, film, audiences, professionals, sponsors, awards, volunteers, the city of Rotterdam. Together, all of these elements make up Planet IFFR. Not so much a physical place as a symbol of a state of being: the openness in which you can be surprised by different elements of cinema. Planet IFFR is the place where people come together from all over, with a wide range of backgrounds, to explore new and different ways of seeing. Where audiences are inspired to see, to listen and to be heard. 

Like a spinning planet, the festival is in motion 365 days a year. This constant movement represents IFFR’s ongoing ambition to surprise and to discover, and characterises IFFR as an organisation and as a brand. Guided by the common thread of cinema in all its forms, the many films and their makers expand the festival's vision of our universe and ourselves. IFFR also has an unstinting ambition to innovate, and is therefore active in many areas all year round: from Video-on-Demand and the monthly KINO film nights to supporting the production of films. 

Festival director Bero Beyer: “Everyone is welcome at Planet IFFR: from festival visitors to filmmakers, from day trippers and casual passers-by to film fanatics. Everyone is free to roam the planet, wherever they please. Discover the caves, climb the peaks and dare peer down to the deep valley floors. And who knows, maybe new areas may be opened up in the years ahead, which at present are still completely unknown.”

Festival Trailer IFFR 2017

The campaign image ‘Planet IFFR’ was designed by Rotterdam-based design agency 75B. The now iconic tiger logo has been translated into three dimensions, reflecting the multifaceted nature of IFFR as a colourful planet. The design reflects an organic, charming entity with virgin territory ripe for exploration lying alongside previously mapped-out domains. Once again this year, the campaign will be carried through into a celebratory limited edition of the Warsteiner beer bottle available during the festival.

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Registration for press accreditations IFFR 2017 now open

Simultaneously with the launch of the campaign, press is invited to request an accreditation for the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam, which will take place from Wednesday 25 January through Sunday 5 February 2017. Invitations will be sent out this week.

If you did not visit IFFR 2016, or are attending the festival for the first time, you can apply for an accreditation via IFFR.com.

Read the accreditation guidelines carefully before filling in the application!

Set foot on Planet IFFR!

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International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) is one of the biggest cultural events in the Netherlands and one of the biggest audience-based film festivals in the world, attracting large, diverse and adventurous audiences thanks to its wide-ranging programme of exceptional, original, hotly debated films. Each year, some 500 films are screened, and last year the festival was visited 305,000 times.

IFFR stands for the celebration and support of independent film art from all over the world. Film art that expands our horizons, provides context and stimulates the artistic and social status quo. For more information, see IFFR.com.

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