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Fátima by João Canijo

47st International Film Festival Rotterdam

24 January- 4 February 2018

Rotterdam, 12 December 2017

Canijo, Fedorchenko and Lee Kwangkuk return to Rotterdam

IFFR announces more titles for its Voices section

International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) announces 12 new films to be screened in its Voices section for filmmakers with a confident voice who address pressing issues. Among the selections are the world premiere of Anna’s War by Alexey Fedorchenko (Silent SoulsAngels of Revolution) as well as the international premieres of A Tiger in Winter by Lee Kwangkuk (Romance Joe) and Fátima by João Canijo (Tres menos eu). 

Other highlights include the trilogy completing Outrage Coda by legendary yakuza filmmaker Kitano Takeshi (Sonatine, Hana-bi), the much-anticipated Western by Valeska Grisebach and Birds Are Singing in Kigali by Polish filmmakers Joanna Kos-Krauze and her late husband Krzysztof Krauze, who passed away mid-production. IFFR 2018 will screen the international premiere of famed editor Jacopo Quadri’s Tuscany-set documentary Lorello and Brunello and the world premiere of the Dutch film Gangway to a Future by René Hazekamp, in which a trawler from Rotterdam tries to face up to the humanitarian refugee drama in the Mediterranean Sea.

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Clockwise: A Tiger in Winter; Outrage Coda; Birds Are Singing in Kigali; Gangway to a Future

Asia is prominently represented within the Voices section. Alongside the aforementioned Outrage Coda and A Tiger in Winter, IFFR 2018 will screen the international premiere of The Hungry Lion by Japanese filmmaker Ogata Takaomi, as well as the European premieres of the Taiwanese film The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful by Yang Ya-Che and the previously announced Silent Mist by Chinese filmmaker Zhang Miaoyan.

Other selections within Voices include the international premieres of Have You Seen the Listers? by Eddie Martin and Latifa: A Fighting Heart by Olivier Peyon and Cyril Brody, as well as the European premiere of Loveling by Gustavo Pizzi, which was presented at IFFR’s CineMart in 2014 and was recently acquired for world sales by New Europe. Finally, as previously announced, IFFR 2018 will be screening Pororoca by Constantin Popescu.

More announcements for the Voices section of IFFR 2018 will follow at the beginning of January.

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Clockwise: The Hungry Lion; The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful; Have You Seen the Listers?; Loveling

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