CineMart announces 2010 project selection

39th International Film Festival Rotterdam
January 27 – February 7, 2010

PRESS RELEASE December 8, 2009

CineMart announces 2010 projects selection

From 440 submissions, Rotterdam’s international co-production market CineMart has chosen 33 projects for the selection of its 27th edition that takes place January 31 – February 3, 2010.
Among those presenting their projects to some 800 possible co-financiers are Tiger Award competitors Paz Fábrega and Anocha Suwichakornpong as well as many Tiger Award winners and nominees such as cross media artist Simon Pummell.
The selection includes projects from Russian directors Alexey Balabanov and Andrei Zvyagintsev, as well as from a strong line up of young filmmaking talent.
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Head of CineMart Marit van den Elshout about the Selection 2010: “We are very proud to present this exciting line up of strong projects from different parts of the world by yet to be discovered talents and returning Rotterdam friends. Our aim is to select projects close to the heart of Rotterdam as well as with good market potential. We believe it is a focused yet eclectic selection that will cater to the different needs of the professionals attending Rotterdam.
Furthermore we are excited to continue our ‘road to the future’ with a new cross media project. With the recent launch of the festival’s new initiative Cinema Reloaded, this upcoming CineMart will again be used to discuss the changes in the film industry.”

The 2010 CineMart Selection includes projects from several filmmakers who are competing in IFFR 2010 or have competed in earlier Rotterdam editions:

• Costa Rican filmmaker Paz Fábrega competes with her feature début AGUA FRÍA DE MAR; at CineMart she presents her second project TODOS NOSOTROS.

• The same goes for Anocha Suwichakornpong: her feature film début MUNDANE HISTORY competes, at CineMart she presents her second feature project BY THE TIME IT GETS DARK.

• German filmmaker Pia Marais won a Tiger Award in 2007 for her first feature DIE UNERZOGENEN (THE UNPOLISHED) and now returns to Rotterdam to present her project LAYLA FOURIE.

• Italian director Francesco Fei was a Tiger Award nominee in 2005 for his first film ONDE (WAVES); his second project MI CHEIDO QUANDO TI MANCHERÒ (WONDER WHEN YOU'LL MISS ME) has now been selected for CineMart 2010.

• Continuing the focus on cross media projects during its 2008 and 2009 editions, CineMart has selected Simon Pummell’s project BRAND NEW-U. Pummell’s BODYSONG,premiered 2003 in Rotterdam in the Tiger Awards Competition.

• Indonesian filmmaker Edwin brings his second feature project POSTCARDS FROM THE ZOO, a year after competing in the Tiger Awards Competition 2009 with BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLY.

• Alexis Dos Santos (UK/Argentina) participates in IFFR’s Cinema Reloaded, a new initiative for online crowd sourcing and crowd funding. Dos Santos’ feature début GLUE was selected in 2006 for the Tiger Awards Competition. During CineMart 2010 he will present his new project ANOTHER WORLD.

Furthermore CineMart 2010 introduces several talented newcomers: Martin Turk (Slovenia) brings his project FEED ME WITH YOUR WORDS; Susanna Helke (Finland) presents MALMI MURDERAZ; Bruno Deville (Switzerland) pitches BULLES DE SOLEIL; James Ponsoldt (USA) introduces his project REFRESH, REFRESH and Scott Graham (UK) is selected with his project SHELL.

From Russia, CineMart 2010 presents projects from acclaimed filmmakers Alexei Balabanov and Andrei Zvyagintsev. After the international premiere of MORPHIA in IFFR 2009, Alexei Balabanov returns to Rotterdam to present his project LEATHER. Andrei Zvyagintsev, Golden Lion winner for THE RETURN, brings his new project ELENA to CineMart.

The full CineMart Selection 2010, alphabetically by project title:

1. Another World by Alexis Dos Santos, The Bureau (United Kingdom / Mexico)
2. Baikonur by Veit Helmer, Veit Helmer Productions (Germany / Kazakhstan)
3. Brand New-U by Simon Pummell, Hot Property Films Ltd. / Illuminations Films / Submarine (United Kingdom / The Netherlands)
4. Bulle de Soleil by Bruno Deville, CAB Productions / La Parti Production (Switzerland / Belgium)
5. By the Time It Gets Dark by Anocha Suwichakornpong, Electric Eel Films / Houdini Studio (Thailand)
6. Diego Star by Frédérick Pelletier, Metafilms inc. (Canada)
7. Dunes, The by Wang Haolin, Ray Production Ltd. (China)
8. Elena by Andrei Zvyagintsev, Non-Stop Productions (Russia)
9. Erased by Patrice Toye, Prime Time / IDTV Film B.V. / Versus Production (Belgium/ The Netherlands / France)
10. Feed Me With Your Words by Martin Turk, Bela Film (Slovenia)
11. Fleurs du Mal by David Dusa, SCIAPODE (France)
12. Fold of My Blanket, A by Zaza Rusadze, Isabella Films / Zazarfilm (Georgia / The Netherlands)
13. Heli by Amat Escalante, Mantarraya Producciones / Tres Tunas / No Dream Cinema (Mexico)
14. Island by JO Eun-kyung, Generation Blue Films / Fine Cut Co. Ltd. (South Korea)
15. Je suis mort mais j’ai des amis by Guillaume Maladrin & Stéphane Maladrin, La Parti Production (Belgium)
16. Land. by Jan-Willem van Ewijk, Augustus Film / Propellor Film (The Netherlands)
17. Layla Fourie by Pia Marais, Pandora Filmproduktion GmbH / DV8 Films / IDTV Film B.V. (Germany / South Africa / The Netherlands)
18. Leather by Alexey Balabanov, CTB Film Company (Russia / Norway / Poland / Germany / Sweden)
19. Leones by Jazmín López, Rizoma Films / Les Film du Requin (Argentina / France)
20. Life Half Lived, A by Denie Pentecost, Benchmark Films (Australia) 21. Malmi Murderaz by Susanna Helke, For Real Productions Oy / Savage Film (Finland / Belgium)
22. Manpower by Noam Kaplan, Gum Films (Israel)
23. Miracle by Juraj Lehotsky, Artileria / Negativ s.r.o. (Slovakia / Czech Republic)
24. Mirage by Szabolcs Hajdu, Filmpartners / Katapult Film (Hungary / Germany)
25. My Sister Came By Today by Yan Ting Yuen, Seriousfilm / Kasander Film (The Netherlands / Hong Kong)
26. Ola’s Universe by Coco Schrijber, Talent United (The Netherlands)
27. Postcards From the Zoo by Edwin, Babibutafilm / Miles Film / Pallas Film GmbH (Indonesia / Germany)
28. Refresh, Refresh by James Ponsoldt, Forensic Films / Filmscience / Range Life Entertainment (USA)
29. Resurrection of a Bastard, The by Guido van Driel, IDTV Film B.V. (The Netherlands / Belgium)
30. Rumano, El by Florin Serban, Strada Film (Romania)
31. Shell by Scott Graham, Brocken Spectre (United Kingdom)
32. Todos Nosotros by Paz Fábrega, Temporal Films / Les Films du requin (Costa Rica / France)
33. Wonder When You’ll Miss Me by Francesco Fei, Acaba Produzioni (Italy / Switzerland / France / Germany / United Kingdom)
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